Brandon LaBelle Dirty Ear
Dirty Ear is produced from field recordings, found sounds, effects and personal sound archives, composed as a series of miniature stories, each designed to support (or interfere) an imaginary journey that Brandon LaBelle calls counter-sounds. A project at first presented as an installation (the first four tracks were composed for an installation at the Enrico Fornello Gallery, Prato), who questions the object and conditions of listening.  
Dirty ear

The boy stands broken lights The city surrounds him a live buzz He heard a story once about how all the crows in the city were then up close like a sudden crash the ghosts of forgotten inhabitants He thinks he is lost hotrod Lincoln Then he remembers this corner from before Spit on the sidewalk KING OF THE ROAD He steps over The leaves they are everywhere Brown and crisp like old bacon The number is 1267 875993 He looks In the windows the streetlights collect into a swarm of eyes They seem to hoverand then pierce the coming night toss it over there The man sits on a bench Bill says the tape recorder  is a medium for trauma The bus blasts by No news is good news he thinks The film last night was terribly violent AMYNVULZ – what the fuck? He had dreams about the one character the woman she ran through his apartment in that blue nightgown that blue nightgown… / He thought it was his ex-wife X marks the spot There is a book on the table called Sidewalk She flicks through it It’s extremely loud in here Noise is your vehicle This music really sucks She gets up and walks towards the window Where do you live? Stares at the streetlights Every Highway She thinks the fall went so fast Already dark Whistling Dixie His brother used to pin him down and force him to say things Now he writes about it in his first novel Thwack Thwack-Thwack Bing He gets distracted by the Woody Allen film on tv capsized ships, fallen eggs He hears the neighbors upstairs It makes him feel less alone The kids laugh like mad gangsters bang bang bang On the radio The Clash plays she saw that joe strummer film lately She hums to herself When the next bus comes by he grabs a stick and throws it Where is George He’s always late Maybe the cops got him gotta get out of here
Brandon LaBelle   Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer working with sound and the specifics of location. His work explores the space between sound and sociality, using performance and on-site constructions as creative supplements to existing conditions. Through his work with Errant Bodies Press he has co-edited the anthologies “Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear”, “Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language”, “Surface Tension: Problematics of Site” and "Radio Territories".
He is co-organizer of the Surface Tension project and participant within the collaborative team e+l. He lives in Berlin.

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