CÉdric Peyronnet kdi dctb 146 [o]    
I describe my sound work as rural, not only because its subject is mainly "the place" with a rural character, and on this point, I can not deny my attachment to this particular sound environment, but rather because of its relationship to the art and its canals, governed by the archaïsm, a certain retarded form of complex in relationship to others.

Pragmatic, the rural naturally distrusts what shines and always carries some suspicion on currents and trends, which, in our case, the current highlighted vague concept of "soundscape" through phonography, element that moves me particularly because at the margins of my work, and the margin, the border, are guiding elements in this work.

In this, the presentation of this sound environment, that is the project "kdi dctb 146" - here in its form [o] -, in an urban environment is a real question about the validity of the concept of naturalism and the real listening to what is now termed the "soundscape".

My voluntary specialization in sound shooting in the "not spectacular" - the neutral, the small, the mundane - aims to erase the artifacts that tend to facilitate listening, or to beautify the perception of the framework of the sound.
kdi dctb 146 is a recording project of the valley of the Thaurion (in the Limousin, France) started in 2005 to discover this area by the ear. In its form [o] - the piece presented Parisonic - "kdi dctb 146" is a selection of events and sound objects presented to the hearing and to allow questioning on our relationship to recording and to listening.
Cédric Peyronnet (aka toy.bizarre / ingeos) is a sound artist working since the ’90 around phonography (Field recordings, “sound hunting”…), soundscapes, using the principles of concrete, acousmatic, electroacoustic music.
His work, whose main theme is the exploration of places by sound recording, listening and sound sculpting, take form of compositions and sound pieces (CD, Vinyl ... more than forty references published since the ‘90), concerts, sound screenings and sound installations.
His works on soundscapes led him to practice “sound mapping” and implement daily the principles of acoustic ecology. On that part, he is also working from time to time in schools, “teaching” kids (Well, and older…) about our “sound environment” and the importance of the ear.

Website: ingeos.org/fr
Interview of Cédric Peyronnet : Editions Wildproject
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