eric la casa Parking La Villette    
& Jean-Luc Guionnet, Philip Samartzis, Dan Warburton
the question of place: the test of our way of sharing a listening to a place

We know that something is born inside of what we would just could not decide. This relationship to space and time makes that a large part of knowledge fits in us by the body, like a dance. Crossed by, abandoned to the contradictory flows of information, feelings, relationships and matter, this body leaves nothing to chance.

During spring 2007, in the parking lot of the City of Music (Paris), we recorded an improvisation where each of four artists moves freely in space (the one of chosen level), while remaining attentive to the other. This on-site improvisation is the result of our musical experience led to three, in another place in Paris - Metro Station Pré Saint-Gervais (see CD published by the American label Chloe, 2002). During recording, we are experiencing a real-time writing with two musicians and two sound-makers.


Quadraphonic Recording: May 7, 2007
An troubling analogy structures relationships between place, sound and hearing : the sound rushes from 360 ° around, defining from a lack, from the invisible horizon of sound, a center that is nothing else than our than listening body. Intuitively, the place is not defined differently : a spatial totality centered on a point in motion or not, inhabited or not.
Eric la Casa  
"Microphones inspire everything that happens from a landscape in an instant. I'm recording all the rumor of the landscape. A particular sound, as interesting as it is, is always a product of geography, a landscape history, from which I reveal the qualities, properties in its interdependence with the site. I build an audio library of sensitive meetings. All my composition work is to not lose the initial sensation produced by sound, while developing a new listening space adapted to our reality, our listening.
So, I put the listener in intimate relationship with the energies of a vibrating "reconstituted" soundscape . The listener is brought into contact with the density of the real in the sense that, in the words of Yves Bonnefoy, "Walker short takes opacity of the real"
My work is as much to question the perception of the real as to expand what makes music today. "
Eric La Casa

Eric la Casa is represented by the gallery Isabelle Gounod
  Jean-Luc Guionnet - saxophone
Eric La Casa - microphones
Philip Samartzis - microphones
Dan Warburton - violin