Jean-Philippe Renoult Untitled (Drift Edition)

From the series Untitled. and presented live, Untitled (Drift edition) works with the site only with pure frequency from acoustic measuring instruments of the 50s.

Untitled (Drift edition) is a piece / cover based on calculations of frequencies of minimalist composer father American, La Monte Young. It is first played here in Paris after its creation in Nantes festival [sonor] in March.

jprenboult   Sound craftsman and composer Jean-Philippe Renoux is an artist, radio producer, journalist, teacher and DJ. When he wrote (or produces), it is for Poptronics ,previously for France Culture (Net plus ultra, SonoTech) or to refresh the electronica bible "Global Techno" (2007).
Among his most recent sound creations , yet simple, a electro-acoustic piece commissioned by the GRM for the tenth anniversary of the death of Pierre Schaeffer. Present in many manifestations of sound art (Kunst Radio Silence Radio, Radio 1001, Project 101, AV Festival, European Sound Delta Drop Sound), that eacher at the Sorbonne in "radiophonic writings "received the Jury Prize / artist price of Qwartz Awards 2008 for the electronic sound piece I Could Never Make That Music Again published on the label Subrosa. I
Jean-Philippe Renoult is also the founder of Popsonics Radio, ephemeral performative creation radio and of the online radio Radio 1001.
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