luc kerleo Formulaires (forms)
Areas where we can hear a mixture of synthesized sounds. The sounds are fixed tones and white noise, which can evolve or change over time.

These signals are similar to signals-tests, technical signals, such as those used in laboratories or for use adjustment and development of audio equipment. But here they are placed in cohabitation in small areas in a space open to the public. They are available at a relatively low which allows the visitor to forget.

The electronic device: 4 types of generators : noise, modulated wave, sine, square. The amplifiers are low power. The speakers are waterproof , with a single small sized broadband speaker and low power. The unit is powered by a low voltage.
  An example of an arrangement of speakers in place.
Luc Kerleo  
Luc Kerléo defines himself as a sculptor: “I work on the relation between the body and space. While implementing sounds I can intervene in the field of vision without modifying the visual configuration of the place where my work appears. The sound is a transparent material.
With the sound, I create volumes and environments. I work with sound because my personal relation with real passes by the sound thing, by a practice of listening.
I primarily work starting from artificial sounds produced by various systems of synthesizers. I conceive and build myself part of the technological elements used in the devices of my pieces. I can thus explore sound forms, volumes in particular, that hi-fi apparatuses or sound systems could not produce. ”

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