Rodolphe Alexis SATSUMA NO FUSHIGI    
The province of Satsuma between rice fields and Shinto ceremonies in honor of the kami (spirits of nature). Records in Kagoshima in southern Kyushu in 2009. The play revolves around opposites synthetic / natural transposed here in drones from the voice.    
rodolphe alexis  
Lives and works in Paris. Founding partner of Double-Entendre (publishing & audio events) and the journal Vibro /, he is also a member of the duo sound performance OttoannA.
Rodolphe Alexis collaborated with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales INA-GRM, the collective of designers START XXI, artists William Aubry and Yoko Fukushima and participated in the festival CitySonics, European Sound Delta, SoundLab, Silent Radio, Radio Arte , Popsonics Radio ...