Double Entendre Champs Organiques  
Invited to present artworks of their choice , the french association Double Entendre proposes a selection of fine sound works by international artists edited on the sound magazine Vibrö, and a live performance by Ottoanna, Valérie Vivancos and Rodolphe Alexis, who are driving those projects.
Playlist Vibrö
Angus Carlyle Shitsuren Shimashita 4'53" (vibrö 5)
Jacob Kirkegaard Fool's Fire 7'52" (vibrö 5)
Francisco López untitled #190 7'55" (vibrö 4)
Zoe Irvine Nightwalk (torch required) 5'00" (vibrö 3)
Stephen Vitiello Maybe Waterfalls 6'40" (vibrö 3)
Aymeric de Tapol Desert bleu (Part 2) 2'36" (vibrö 3)
Alejandra & Aeron Lost Cat - scene 4 3'11" (vibrö 2)
Aki Onda Eclipse 11'54" (vibrö 2)
Chris Watson Unidentified Pair of Birds 1'34" (vibrö 1)
David Toop Darkness Moves 4'57" (vibrö 1)
double entendre   DOUBLE ENTENDRE is a non-profit organisation supporting the production and promotion of events and editions dedicated to sound art, including the CD/Internet magazine Vibrö/, the performance act OttoannA, and numerous other artists linked to the project..

Interview of Valérie Vivancos and Rodolphe Alexis on (french)