I want to thank the artists for their participation and the quality of the worksthey offer us to listen.

Their work is motivated by a sensitive attention to what surrounds us, questions us, and feeds our imagination and enlarges our perceptions, helps us to hear and to think the world today.


The kindness and generosity with which artists have responded to our invitation must be welcomed.
The time required to create these works is not recognized anywhere, it is the investment of the artists in an approach and search which plays with time and space, a commitment to reveal the richness of reality.

The sound pieces presented Parisonic asked the artists to question, doubt, spend hours to record, sometimes in bad weather, often in uncomfortable positions for not making a sound, capturing the sound event. Then you have to listen, select, sometimes rework the sound material to give to us, listeners, the plastic forms the most close to the ideas and intentions of their author.

Actors of the contemporary sensibility, these artists offer Parisonic works which I hope will delight us as they pleased us.

  Philip F. Roux
Artistic Director