Parisonic 2011 - hear & now


To go further in the artists' work, we decided to conduct interviews, but we wanted to be as close as possible of the artists' words, of their intentions and thoughts.

So, we asked each one to send us The question they would like to be asked about their work.
Offering the possibility of approaching the heart of the artist's work, this request seeks a reflection of the creator on his activity.

Then the questions collected were compiled and then asked all artists of Parisonic.
Regarding each one's availability and questions that inspired them, their responses are gathered here as interviews.

The numbered questions are presented on a separate document, to put it next to the answers.

All interviews were conducted by Silvia Ferro and translated with the assistance of Philip F. Roux.
The English publication is being translated and will be available in September 2011.

You can view the french version here.