Marc Baron Le bruit des allEEs et venues du voisinage

The production of a form sometimes requires an inventory, of knowledge or of produced works, about a subject that crosses more or less insistent work.

A kind of initial clearing. On occasion, the meeting with an author or a work can be a fulcrum for thought (this time, R. Murray Schafer).

This work amounts, ultimately, to answer the following question: What are we talking about? And here, what exactly are we talking about when we talk of "soundscape "?


The real challenge has the form of an enactment but also of a doubt: let the musical medium work, tweak the response from within. What is this piece of music would talk about if it was not music? Realism, authority and taste devices, illustration by sound.

Schafer's Garden: 6 critical studies as a response not theoretical.

2011, creation - 25 minutes - configuration : stereo

Postcard published by the artist during the exhibition

Marc Baron's artistic approach is mainly instrumental in the forms of improvisation, composition and performance. With the saxophone, he works a sound material with which he creates complex interactions between the instrument, the body and the environment.

By a conceptual approach, his work intends to understand how the theory and sound can meet actively.