Loïc Blairon DeS retards lents
Wood panel, inkjet print, paper, coton sheet, speaker cast in plaster.

In contrepoint in the Salon d’Ecoute :
Sound work for 4 speakers, 2’33
voice: Mélanie Vaugeois

"[...] Most of the time, I have an opinion on things, but I'm more embarrassed when I see every morning they do not change that much. [...] So I'm pretty anxious to feel that my opinion is changing, and in some cases, I can do without asking me if I'm wrong or if I have been wrong. It's like drinking all day in the same glass of water with the feeling of leaving a drop without noticing it. Something more or less consequent happens perhaps just as well, without that one can really decide. [...] "

Cards published by the artist during the exhibition


Loïc Blairon creates audio and visual works in connection with writing. Each piece or project is a joint structure that tries to synchronize a set of documents, texts, pictures and sculptures.

His instalations are assemblages seen as areas of "contamination" changing the status of each document.