Dominique Blais TRANSMISSION

A cluster of cables connecting two bays from which no sound is heard.

Yet a CD is played as evidenced by changes of light diodes on the receiver during playback.

In space, by imposing its physicality, the work embodies an inaudible sound.

The frustration instigated by the denial of sound is soon replaced by an inner music that relies on the modulation of light. The music chosen for its rhythmic qualities is not mentioned, leaving free rein to the imagination. If the sound is absent, the artist emphasizes the flux.


Transmission - 2009
Rack 19’, CD player, amplier, cables, audio CD.
Various size
Photo : Frédéric Lanternier - Courtesy galerie Xippas

Sound, image and light: Dominique Blais purposely uses the basic instruments of the "society of spectacle" with the intention of dispossessing them of their better ability to suffocate the senses and perception. [...]

Drawing primarily in a pre-existing sound material and having willingly use of sound equipment and other manufactured articles, the work of Dominique Blais probe the audible and visible and causes the eruption of infra-ordinary phenomena, and with, the resurgence and projection of mental images able to nourish an imagination stunted paradoxically by the visual overflow of information society and communication prefering, unlike the artist, the proliferation from the working drawing.

Extract from «Un peu de neige salie», Anne-Lou Vicente, published in 20/27 (2010).
Dominique Blais is représented by gallery Xippas, Paris.