Anthea Caddy  &
Thembi Soddell
The physical environment—be it an empty corridor, a crowded city street, or a vast open space—can affect and distort a person’s perceptual state. In turn, a person’s existing psychology can alter their perception of that same environment.
This creates a dynamic interplay between physical reality, sensory perception, and psychological interpretation.

Drawing on this phenomenon, A Shut In Place is an aural exploration of contrasting physical environments used as a vehicle to express psychological experience.

Cello recordings made in surround, within the cavernous environment of a hydroelectric dam wall, create an immersive and unsettling mesh of instrument and environment.
Mixed with abstracted sound samples, and field recordings that span the vastness of the Australian landscape (from the urban fringe, to desert extremes, and the disquieting physicality of a tropical rain-forest), these elements merge to become a representation of space that borders the human psyche and its constructed physical world.

2011, creation - duration : 4 minutes 53 - configuration : 5.1

Bringing together the textural and dynamic capabilities of the cello, with an extensive palate of sampled and abstracted found sounds, the collaboration between Australian sound artists Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell generates a provocative and tense sonic world. Since the release of their debut album, Iland (Cajid 007CD) in October 2006, the duo have extensively toured both Australia and Europe.