Charlotte Charbonnel Crescendo

Crescendo is a piece made for Parisonic, work in situ which has its starting point in a component of the place: the stairs.

Steel cables, which thickness is progressive, are clinging from the banister and anchored to the ground, they become an extension of the guardrail.
The hollow space of the metal railing and cable tension resonate and become sound.

The visitor is invited to experience the sound cables, to handle the ramp and climb the stairs that also offer another point of view of location and other works submitted for Parisonic.

The idea of "lab work" characterizes the research of Charlotte Charbonnel, which defines it as a "work in progress", a work that contains potentially leads and new works.

Natural and physical phenomena are often the starting point and inspiration of this work: capturing a cloud, giving substance to the immaterial, or renew a worldview. The artist then uses science such as meteorology, acoustics, seismology.

Charlotte Charbonnel uses often empirical techniques, related to the mechanics, electronics and computing: the encounter between the archaic and technology creates shifts in meaning that take poetic forms in the artist's work.