Yannick Dauby Ketagalan

The subway ride from Taipei is an underground tour of the territory Ketagalan. The Ketagalan people still exist, but only in the blood of some of the actual inhabitants of Taiwan.

Phonemes forgotten for some toponyms, masked by ideograms. The imprint of a hand on a document that attests the transfert of a land, two and a half centuries earlier.
A necklace of colored glass beads excavated in the hills, a grotesque drawing in a travelogue, a loom dismembered.

"Ketagalan" is intented as a crossroads of time, inspired by some encounters with some other aborigine groups in Taiwan and the sleepy public transport.

2011, creation - duration : 19 minutes 19 - configuration : stereo

Yannick Dauby

Yannick Dauby (b. 1974, France/Taiwan) is involved in musique concrete and improvisation, using found objects, electroacoustic devices and phonographies. As a field recordist, he as particuliar interest for animal or nature sounds as well as urban situations and unusual acoustic phenomenas.

Each excursion is the pretext of a sonic gathering, and often leads to the realisation of a phonographic collage. He often works in collaboration with other musicians and visual artists, producing audio-visual performances or installations. His work has been presented by various international festivals and record labels. He is currently based in Taiwan, interested into the field of anthropology and ecology, exploring the island's soudscape through artistic and research projects