Jean-Luc Guionnet &
Élizabeth Saint-Jalmes




As a counterpoint to the installation.
2011, creation - configuration 4.1

Points of imposture ( sham points ) are hybrids of sounds, images and body positions, free of statistics - detached from the probable and improbable. Used to decorate surfaces where forms suspended in the air can be accommodated. Are represented, entities, created on the whim of nature, or just some exaggerated fancy: for example when we invented by bias, then we can hang a weight it can not bear to a thin wire, or transform such model in an outpouring of possibles, as the legs of Doe or John Doe in electrical parasites or a few body postures as useful music, thus updating a lot of travel and extravagance without end.

If you decide to replace the organs by lines, the motivation is replaced by the reason, the simple posture by a multitude of strategies of least resistance; sorts of waves and beaches are striated with sound and light swirls, wearing with no reason small seated figures. We still see stems completed by hand, from which emerge half-figures, some with faces of women, other faceless, or even of animals that we are not watching.

However, these are frauds that can not exist, and never will, and their prevalence, by the passivity of judgement, dies slowly. No longer having to choose as it takes, may we think about confusing that useful music with a sham? How the use of these ustensilaire sounds would differ to the use of such, needless to subsistence? Would we be put in the utility as the snail slime across paved surfaces and harsh weather? Or fraud, by any redundant strategy (it is this anyway), would load time to make everything possible?

But considering the work of a painter, we choose the location of a wall to accommodate the position of this body, a position made both from the vacuum around it that conditions for it to be useful - having no order, then neither coincidental proportion: sham points or decorative items without a name.


Saxophonist and organist, electroacoustician, radio producer and artist, Jean-Luc Guionnet acts in various musical groups that occur in many festivals.

Since 1998, he produces works for Radio France, wrote about forty electroacoustic works. He is co-author of films and has published articles in various French and international journals.

Qualified in Fine Arts in 1995, Jean-Luc Guionnet works on rumor in philosophy and continues a research work outside the university.