Rosalind Hall  &
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Breathing Space

In Breathing Space we have created an environment out of the sounds of our bodies and instruments. We view our bodies and extensions of our bodies - instruments and microphones - as places, internal sound worlds and intimate spaces.

We have explored these ideas by recording in small controlled spaces with sensitive microphones to make our breathing sounds appear to emanate from the same source and to envelope each other’s sound and amplify the small, delicate breathing gestures.

All the recordings are improvisations based around these themes.

2011, creation - duration: 9 minutes 05 - configuration: 5.1


  Attending to breathing spaces and mouth details, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Rosalind Hall experiment with similarities between abstract voice and saxophone.

Rosalind makes modifications to the saxophone using objects in the bell and hand crafted reeds that continually alter vibrations and playing techniques to create a unique dialogue between the player and the instrument.

Alice’s vocal explorations include sound from varying tension of physical vocal parts, driving air into alternative passages and vibration of calls and breath.

Challenging their instruments to extreme timbre and texture, they improvise with acoustics, silence, repetition and primal gestures while engaging intimately with each other.
  Alice Hui-Sheng Chang improvises with extended vocal techniques to evoke a psychological bond with indescribable feelings through language.

Her work explores different combinations of layers of sound, with a focus on soundscape and acoustic properties of the environment.