Camilla Hannan  &
TARAB/Eamon Sprod
Viewing Glare

The reference for Vieling Glare is the Australian landscape.

It is about density of space and sound.

Its about what goes on in one's head when confronted with an open plain. Its the tyranny of distance, the fatal shore, the alienation of environment.

2011, creation - Duration : 16 minutes 30 - Configuration : 8.1

  Primary concerns in my work include perceptions of sound in everyday life, the construction of artificial sonic locales and techniques of sound spatialisation. My source material comes from location recordings, which are digitally processed into abstract textural soundscapes using a variety of sampling processes.

My installation work often utilises multiple light sources to partition space. Audio playback is through site-specific multispeaker configurations. I am interested in constructing environments that use of sound and light to create a space that is at once familiar and alien. Camilla Hannan
TARAB/Eamon Sprod
primarily uses the interplay of field recordings and sounds generated from found objects to explore the possibilities of personal chartings and interactions with the urban environment.

His work centres around attempts to sonically trigger, form, and recreate the interior environments which occur through our everyday interaction with the commonplace, overlooked, ignored, lost, discarded, broken, decaying and dead.