Marcia Jane Energy Field
A bright circle of pulsating, flickering light occupies a space in the gallery. This circle is a presence; it hangs in the air. Perhaps it is emanating from the wall itself.

Each of these projected circles, past, present and future, represent a point or node in a connected energy field; a network of light across time and space.

The projected image is there but not there. An interference pattern arises from the video (playing back at 25 frames per second), the refresh rate of the projector, and your own bodily, sensory experience. But you don’t need to think about all of this, you can just stand in the light.

All moving images have an energetic force. As an image moves through the frame, the speed at which it passes, where the image crosses the frame boundary, where a cut occurs, all give rise to energy. In my installations I seek to express this energy directly.

This project is financially assisted by Moreland City Council’s Achievement Grant.

The Janet Holmes à Court Artists’ Grant is a NAVA initiative, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs Janet Holmes à Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts.

Marcia Jane works with video, arranging abstracted images in rhythmic, luminous, and sometimes geometric compositions.

Marcia is interested in similarities and differences in the ways we perceive sound and images; her installations and live video performances are a way to develop a communication between these two sensory bands.