Luc Kerléo Les fuites
Les masques (The masks)

A dozen synthesized very shorts ounds, each resounding bet-ween long periods of silence.

Each sound takes a special place in the exhibition area. Each occupies briefly the exhibition space. The signals at the origin of the sounds are not from reading but from analog synthesis process during which the exhibition period.


Each synthesized signal is diffused in a specific way in the exhibition space according to the type of speaker used and the spatial orientation and distribution in space of the exhibition.

Over a period of about 5 minutes each sound resounds at least once.

Le bruit de fond (Background noise)
A small area of a continuous noise diffused at low volume. It is a rather high noise made by a number of synthetic sounds that mix into a reduced diffusion area on the surface of a wall.
  Luc Kerléo defines himself as a sculptor: “I work on the relation between the body and space. While implementing sounds I can intervene in the field of vision without modifying the visual configuration of the place where my work appears. The sound is a transparent material.

With the sound, I create volumes and environments. I work with sound because my personal relation with real passes by the sound thing, by a practice of listening.

I primarily work starting from artificial sounds produced by various systems of synthesizers. I conceive and build myself part of the technological elements used in the devices of my pieces. I can thus explore sound forms, volumes in particular, that hi-fi apparatuses or sound systems could not produce. ”