Nicolas Maigret  &
Nicolas Montgermont
Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth Society is a set of projects that make use of earth elevation data. The height information is analogically transposed on various media.

For the first part of this project, the globe is flattened in a disk then burnt onto vinyl. A standard turntable can read this relief: the chain of elevation data crossed during playback is directly transposed into audible sound vibrations.

With every rotation of the disk, we can recognize patterns corresponding to the relief of the crossed continents. The engraving of this elevation's information on the surface of the disk generates in consequence a subtle image of the earth.


This image may remind us of representations that are proposed to us since the stellar exploration during the 60's, up today with applications like Google-earth.

The title Flat Earth Society is a reference to a still-existing group of individuals who defend the fact that the earth is flat. Their recent reports describe the Earth in a very similar way as the vinyl of the project.

Project realized with Flo Kaufmann, with the support of Espace Multimédia Gantner. Expected release on the label ArtKillArt (end 2011).

Nicolas Maigret has been developing an experimental practice of sound and electronic images (performances, installations, programming, radio) since 2001.

In his creations he experiments with the possibilities of contemporary technologies to auto-generate aesthetic forms, sound or visual languages and specific behaviors.

His work is also a micro-laboratory, a point of view on technological tools and their influences on our way of thinking and of acting. he works in duo with Nicolas Montgermont under the name of Art of Failure.

Nicolas Montgermont studies the relations between art and sciences using the computer as a workshop.

His creative work is the research of a numerical aesthetics, using and developing personal tools to explore the specific possibilities of a computer.

Since 2007, he also works with the Art of Failure collective, mainly on sound installations.
In parallel, he teaches the use of the computer for creation in workshops and at the Louis Lumière school.