Lizzie Pogson Locus
Locus is an episodic work constructed by using both natural and synthetic sound sources.

Inspired by Barry Truax's 'walkman phenomenon', this work creates locational ambiguity by placing the listener within a series of hyper-real sonic environments. Real-world sounds are no longer tied to their original mechanisms, and synthetic sounds become believable within realistic aural spaces.

The work uses a series of field recordings in Melbourne city laneways using binaural microphones. The playback of these recordings through loudspeakers (and not headphones), further obscures the listeners sense of space.

2010-11, creation - duration : 6 minutes 56 - configuration : 5.1

  Lizzie Pogson commenced a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sound) at RMIT in Melbourne in 2007 to develop her interest in sound and technology.

Her recent commitments have included a multichannel sound installation based on ultrasound at First Site gallery (Melbourne), composing for the 'Music Circus' at the Melbourne International Music Festival, and during October 2008 performing with Philip Samartzis as part of the JOLt festival at Westspace.

When she's not constructing new music, she's reviving old music, playing baroque violin with many orchestras around Australia..