Kristian Roberts Alleys
In composing this piece I was interested in alleys as peripheral spaces existing as partial shadows of the urban environment. They are sites designed to discretely service the businesses and apartments they border, yet they are also places where reservoirs of refracted sound gather.
I aimed to capture these sounds and convey the alleys as solitary spaces.

Spaces where outer world sounds filter through in fragmented bursts, adding and subtracting to the inner world where the periphery is as integral as the predominant.

2011, creation - 6 minutes - configuration : 5.1


With his microphone, Kristian Roberts makes field recordings of the commonplace and familiar. Then, using the principles of musique concrete, he takes those captured sounds and examines them closely, discovering that within them lies a new world of timbres and tones.

Kristian then takes these timbres and tones and orchestrates them into a soundscape—instantly recognisable and yet completely new—within which unfolds the drama that exists between the familiar and the foreign.