Geoff Robinson terrigal-campbellfield-seonyudo
The work for Parisonic is a counter point to the work I presented for Magnetic Traces in Melbourne.
Similarly to the Melbourne presentation I have chosen location recordings that are on a different continent, on the opposite side of the world to the site of presentation.

For Paris the recordings are specific to the Australian and eastern Asian region in contrast to the recordings from Iceland for the Melbourne presentation of the work.

The field recordings were made over a varying time span (2004-2010) and document weather conditions specific to the location of recording. Whilst the sounds are of natural phenomena evidence of urban life can be heard amoungst the recordings (people talking, traffic on an overhead bridge).

The recordings are arranged chronologically and edited to span 15minutes. To counteract this condensing of time I have introduced a composed harmonium recording that charts the duration of the 15 minutes. The sustained tones fade up and drop out at intervals of 1, 5, 10 and 15 minutes, marking the duration of the piece.

Recordings : Terrigal et Merri Creek Galada Tamboore Campbellfield, Australie, Han Seonyudo, Corée.

2011, creation - duration : 15 minutes - configuration : 4.1

Based in Melbourne, Geoff Robinson is an artist which installations mix physical constructions ans sound.

His work, related to field recording is supported by the City of Melbourne, the Art Council of Victoria and the Australia Council.

In 2009 Geoff presented a solo exhibition at Gertrude Gallery in de Melbourne.