Philippe F. Roux 3
Ultrasonic Sculpture is an attempt of developing a located sound event. The event, a fact which emerges at a place, marks the time: it determines a before and an after, it breaks the continuity of time.
But for this, there must be witnesses, here the visitor (the listener?), to make the experience to report it.
Then reality is constructed: the fact (the event, the exhibition), the story (of the visitor, of the catalog, of the text you read now) where they cross, around and through them. So Ultrasonic Sculpture, a form-event, sonorous, invisible and sensitive, audible at the crossroads of ultrasonic beams.


Philip F. Roux envisages the construction of the subject/art work in an approach to such complexity that think Edgar Morin. The artist's installations are all open works by both their material and the context in which they appear.

The artist considers the sound as a tool to unfold and project time and space, between figuration and abstraction, a sensitive way of bringing into play reality and its representations. Philip F. Roux is chairman of CS3, founder and artistic director of Purepresence.