Since 1991, Les Instants Chavirés are a venue conceived as a laboratory of improvised , experimental, noisy music.
Its annex, the former brewery Bouchoule, offers another look around the visual and audio arts.

Two places for the same share of some contemporary creation.

Les Instants Chavirés is involved in the field of experimental music and realize its many forms, generations,

backgrounds and approaches.
Music programming is defined by diffusion and producing concerts and organizing tours. More than 2100 concerts were offered as well for 18 years.

The presence of visual arts at Instants Chavirés weaves the relationships between sound art and visual arts into a music venue. It brings together established and emerging artists and is divided into four areas: since 2002, a monthly video program entitled Rien à voir, since 2004 at Brasserie Bouchoule, solo and group exhibitions (with productions of works), the host of outdoor projects as Parisonic and most recently a resident artist.

Instants Chavirés also commit actions of artisticpractice (musical awareness workshop, workshop rhyme, workshop on voice for example) and cultural mediation in the context of all visual arts projects.
External aid for projects (and associative evening ) are also implemented in different ways (broadcast, productions, rehearsals, recordings) showing a willingness to share and pooling our tool.