Joe Colley Psychic stress soundtracks
These pieces were conceived as a sort of expression of stress states, through a sort of narrative progression and study of push/pull tension/release situations

Psychic stress soundtracks is a commemoration of unstable moments. an edited report from disorder of mind. residue of thought distortions. artificial environments were made organic and then distorted again until "reality" is blurred as a consequence, and becomes irrelevant (i hope?). broken sounds are broken again.
Paranoia rendered into coded messages. pain into stimulus into sound triggering the ear hairs and into pain again. metaphors for states that cannot sustain themselves. assembled intuitively according to illogical impulse. it is intended as a tool made for one purpose: the simple goal of making something happen in a room. a simple reminder of the place where you are. the good parts are short and other parts are too long. time goes by and nothing happens. like life. i never want to hear it again.

source Ars Electronica

1 Future Screaming 7:05
2 Rehersal For Highspeed Paralysis 11:23
3 All Of Us Are Monsters And All Of Us Think The Others Are Monsters 18:20
4 Melody Of Failure 12:18
5 Overgrown (At Last) 13:31

Joe Colley on 23five label
Joe Colley is a self-taught artist concerned primarily with the phenomena of sound and its unique ability to activate a consciousness set apart from rational understanding in a way very different from visual or verbal means. This consuming interest has led to extensive experimentation that have encompassed abstract electronic composition, amplification of natural phenomena, investigations into phase, and creation of complex mass from layers of simplistic sound material. His performances have been seen as part of festivals, his recordings have been released internationally on various record labels.