Yvan Etienne UNUN pour H.B.
UNUN pour H.B.
solo for wheel fiddle*

This is an improvisation on a theme of three selected frequencies on my wheel fiddle.
Their meetings generate harmonics and random rhythms.
All of these frequencies are contained in the wheel fiddle drones.
I excite and play these latent elements in bumblebees.
In an apparent unity lies multiplicities





I am an artist/activist, I elaborate intermedia installations, scenographic diffusion apparatuses, concerts.

Conceived as spaces to be experimented, my work is usually related to contexts, of in-situ, acoustic and architectural specificities of the spaces invested. My projects explore the immersive properties, invisible, changing and fleeting of sound to replay our fears and build a dialogue echoing with resonating bodies. Made from sculptures, phonographies, instrumental or electronic compositions, my experiences call intuitive reflections and questionings of perception stereotypes.

As a musician, I produce pieces for wheel fiddle, guitar and electronics, my research explores phonography, micro-tonality and sustained tones musics.
I played with Phill Niblock, Yann Gourdon, Richard Glover, Brice Jeannin, Patrice Grente, Julien Ottavi, Robert Poss, Paul Panhuysen Marie Verry.

In continuity of my practice I work in the dissemination of sound practices and intermedia as a programmer, independent curator and lead the collection "oh this echo" of the Presses du RĂ©el. Teacher at Quai High School of Arts Mulhouse (HEAR), I co-run SONIC, its sound research .