Bot in love is a series of sound pieces in ten acts.
Sounds used are produced from field recordings, webrecordings, radio flux and frequencies.

The prologue and the final piece are raw fieldrecordings which, each in its own way, seem to have been manipulated. Other capture IRL and digital flows, projecting distant places on the airwaves as much sound spaces, giving life to a virtual entity.


Bot in love

Singing girl (Laos) 2'25
Bamboo Cry 2'40
First statement 6'35
Declaration 6'40
Execution 5'10
Processing 9'45
Collision I 10'26
Collision III 7'19
Pour faire peur aux enfants dans le noir 4'32
English lesson (Laos) 3'85

Emmanuelle Gibello is developing a practice combining visual art and electronic music. She uses new technologies for field recordings from both natural and urban contexts, real time performances or works incorporating networks.
Her field recordings are taken .

Her sound collection contains archival sounds from the quotidian as well as more thematic research conducted during her travels and is the starting point for her compositions and live sound mixing.
Emmanuelle Gibello considers the relationship between sound and image, soundscape and memory. She revisit urban space aesthetically through sound.